Hotels                                                          Schools & Community
The London NYC (FWP & DC)Magen David Yeshiva (GS)
The Lambs Club Hotel, NYC (HHR & TD)NYCSCA, New York City Schools(GS)
Samshva-a Desert Hotel (IP)Ethiopian Community Center (AG, IP)
Kfar Hayam Sheraton–Interiors (IP)Pnimia Dormitories (AG, MS)
Patio Hotel-Eilat (MS)Beth Yaakov School (MS)
The Royal Beach Hotel (FA)Nesher Community Center (MS)
The Princess Hotel (FA)
Ramon Inn (FA)Museums
Hyatt Hotel (FA)Museum for African Art (GS)

RestaurantsOffices and Corporate Interiors
Gordon Ramsay at The London NYC (FWP & DC)   Shtrum Offices (IP)
Medialink (JJ)
Residential Buildings
The Garden Apartment Tower (IP)Other
The Watermark (GS)British Embassy Tel Aviv (IP)
Nesher Housing Complex (MS)Namir Pedestrian Bridge (IP)
Housing complexes in the city of Modiyin (MS)Bloomfield Stadium Renovation (AG, IP)
Golden Gate Mall and Office Building (MS)
Private ResidencesNesher Soccer Stadium (MS)
Vichness Loft
S. Vichness Apartment
Vertheimer House (IP)
Landau House (IP)

Note: Adi Gershoni Architect worked on the projects listed above independently or while working for, or in collaboration with, other architectural and design firms and project owners.

FWP- Frank Williams and Partners Architects, NYC         MS - Mann-Shinar Architects, Tel Aviv
DC - David Collins Studio, LondonFA - Feigin Architects, Tel Aviv
TD - The Office of Thierry Despont, NYCJJ - JJ Falk Design, NYC
HH - Hampshire Hotels & Resorts, NYCGS - Gruzen Samton Architects, NYC
IP - Ilan Pivko Architect, Tel Aviv