Adi Gershoni is a licensed architect in New York who worked for a number of well-known architectural firms as a senior architect before starting his own practice. His experience includes high-end private residences and hospitality projects, residential and commercial buildings, exteriors as well as interiors, in the U.S. and internationally.  

Adi's New York-based studio focuses on turning clients' dreams and needs into reality. Every project is tailored to the client’s lifestyle or corporate culture, budget and time frame. Adi believes in giving equal consideration to functional requirements and creative innovation.  He approaches design with attention to detail and surroundings, a sensitive use of materials and a vision of the big picture. These considerations are essential to realizing buildings and spaces that are efficient, comfortable and a continual source of inspiration and beauty.


Owner/principal, Adi Gershoni Architect, NYC

Senior Project Manager, Frank Williams and Partners Architects, NYC

Senior Project Manager/Project Architect, Gruzen Samton LLP, NYC

Senior Project Manager, Ilan Pivko Architect, Tel Aviv

Senior Architect/Project Manager, Mann-Shinar Architects LTD, Tel Aviv

Project Architect, Feigin Architects LTD, Tel Aviv

Education: School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, BA with honors

Registration: New York State Licensed Architect


"Had a very positive experience through a complicated gut renovation of a townhouse. Adi was extremely knowledgeable about the process (working with the DOB, etc) and navigating the complex steps along the way, while also creating an inspired plan for the home that meshed with my vision and taking time to focus on all the small design details. Highly recommend!"


"We work hand in hand with Adi Gershoni and our collaborations have always been a positive and exciting experience. Adi brings a very detailed eye, a creative vision, and a great understanding of NYC building codes and architectural procedures. He has mentored us, taught us and enlightened us. Besides being a great visionary, Adi also brings a calm and collective demeanor to all interactions. His patience and insight is essential while working in a fast paced team oriented environment."


"Incredible design and implementation. Worked within my constraints to create an excellent design that exceeded my lofty expectations. Adi was involved at every stage of the process to ensure a quality outcome."


"Adi is not only a great architect but also a wonderful team member. He led a complex renovation of a townhouse flawlessly, and created a plan that is at one and the same time inspiring and grounded. The result is a house where people who enter shake their head for its beauty and simplicity…”



Hotels: The London NYC (FWP & DC),The Lambs Club Hotel, NYC (HHR & TD), Samshva - a Desert Hotel (IP), Kfar Hayam Sheraton – Interiors (IP), Patio Hotel-Eilat (MS), The Royal Beach Hotel (FA), The Princess Hotel (FA), Ramon Inn (FA), Hyatt Hotel (FA).

Restaurants: Gordon Ramsay at The London NYC (FWP & DC).

Residential Buildings: The Garden Apartment Tower (IP), The Watermark (GS), Nesher Housing Complex (MS), Housing complexes in the new city of Modiyin (MS).

Private Residences: Vichness Loft, S. Vichness Apartment, Vertheimer House (IP), Landau House (IP).

Schools & Community: Magen David Yeshiva (GS), NYCSCA, New York City Schools (GS), Ethiopian Community Center (AG, IP), Pnimia Dormitories (AG, MS), Beth Yaakov School (MS), Nesher Community Center (MS).

Museums: Museum for African Art (GS).

Offices and Corporate Interiors: Shtrum Offices (IP), Medialink (JJ).

Other: British Embassy Tel Aviv (IP), Namir Pedestrian Bridge (IP), Bloomfield Soccer Stadium Renovation (AG, IP), Golden Gate Mall and Office Building (MS), Nesher Soccer Stadium (MS).

Note: Adi Gershoni Architect worked on the projects listed above independently or while working for, or in collaboration with, other architectural and design firms and project owners.

FWP- Frank Williams and Partners; Architects DC - David Collins Studio; TD - The Office of Thierry Despont; HH - Hampshire Hotels & Resorts; IP - Ilan Pivko Architect ;MS - Mann-Shinar Architects; FA - Feigin Architects; JJ - JJ Falk Design; GS - Gruzen Samton Architects;