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Desert Monument

The monument is inspired by the ziggurat and by American Indian architectural forms found in the kiva, the tipi and the mound. Many ancient civilizations used the ziggurat—a form of successively receding terraces, for building structures—for temples and holy sites. The maze and the spiral are symbols and motifs often found at American Indian archeological sites. The project, intended to be built in the Las Vegas vicinity, was developed up to schematic drawings level and did not move forward due to financing. It was budgeted at around $15 million. The main central space includes two flights of stairs and an elevator that leads to mid- and top-level platforms/circulation paths. The top platform leads to an outside observation deck for views of the sounding landscape. Displays and art exhibits can be placed along the curved walls. The central area would be an exhibit and gathering space. One of the curved walls forms a semicircular space that can be used as an amphi- theater for gatherings, lectures and performances. Copyright ©; Adi Gershoni Architect; All rights reserved